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August 26, 2013
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Princess Hema felt hungry after a long day of sitting on the throne of playing her role as "the Princess" every day of her life.

It was perhaps the best time for her to snack on something yummy and delicious. What's her favorite food if anyone asks? It's strawberry shortcakes and lemon pies of course. Those two desserts have been her favorite since her childhood.

"Hema's hungry," she groaned within her slim tummy growling constantly. "My belly needs to stay happy..."

An idea sparked into her mind like a light bulb.

"Maybe those three knights can whip me up some lemon cakes and lemon pies," Evelyn said for a moment.

When she finished planning out her idea, she gave a loud angry anime style shout, "NOVA, PEPPER!!!"

The castle walls rumbled within the vibration of her thunderous voice. Nova and Pepper heard from their room and rushed together to the throne room and then saluted her like army men.

"Y-Y-Your Highness," Nova said. "Anything you need from us?"

"Please don't get me for not bathing regularly Princess!" Pepper hid behind Nova.

"Do not worry, Pepper," Hema told the red-headed knight. "It's not about that," she added by reassuring her she wouldn't chase around the castle this time.

"What's the order Your Highness?" Nova asked.

"My order is for you three stooges to whip me up loads of strawberry shortcakes and lemon pies," Hema replied.

"C'mon Nova, let's feed her like a hungry hungry hippo," Pepper smiled.

"You calling me a hippo, Pepper?" Hema sneered at her raising her fist at her like she's gonna beat her up.

"Ah no!" Pepper smiled nervously.

"Well get on with making my desserts and make them snappy while you're at it you three!"

Nova and Pepper hurried to the kitchen and baked lots of lemon cakes and lemon pies as possible. The kitchen became messier with all the spilled yellow mix as time progressed on the cooking and baking part.

"Why does the Princess need so much desserts?" Pepper complained after getting her armor slathered with cake mix.

"An order's an order," Nova replied stirring the cake mix into a big bowl with a wooden spoon rapidly. "Anything the Princess wants, the Princess gets."

Pepper was covered in flour looking like a ghost on Halloween. The flour caught up to her nose forcing her to sneeze with flour flying around like dust.

"Gesundheit," Nova told her.

At last after a long time consuming, they completed the biggest task of baking around a hundred lemon cakes and lemon pies divided by two equaling up to fifty cakes and fifty pies. Nova and Pepper loaded all of them onto a cart and returned to the Princess.

Hema's chestnut brown eyes dazzled with excitement.

"Thanks you guys! Now look out for me 'cause here I come!" Evelyn dived onto the food cart and devoured all the lemon pies and cakes.

"Can I have some?" Pepper asked. "Just a little?"

Pepper begged and attempted to put her finger in and get a lick on the icing of the lemon cake.

"No!" Hema caught Pepper and smacked her hand away. "All for me!"

Hema grew huge and became morbidly obese as time progressed with the process of her large giant round belly bulging in royal clothing with them ripping and tearing. She gave out a loud burp resulting in the castle walls rumbling again making the floor shake.

"This is how a real Princess should be treated," Hema said rubbing and patting her huge round belly. "As a matter of fact, I am way bigger than my father."

"So a rotund King and a rotund Princess huh?" Nova asked. "Quite a rotund royal family!" He added with a laugh.

"What are you two gonna do? Stare at my big, fat round juicy belly all day?" Hema asked them feeling annoyed.

"I wanna poke your belly and make you giggle like a Pillsbury Doughboy," Pepper smiled and walked up to her belly and gave it a quick poke.

"It's forbidden to touch the royalty's belly!" Hema protested.

"We should poke her belly together," Nova nodded happily.

"Oh gosh," Hema sighed.

Nova and Pepper poked Hema's belly time after time until King Rowan appeared. The poking stopped the moment he walked in.

"Nova and Pepper!" The King said. "What are you two doing to my daughter's belly?"

"Gotta go finish our knightly duties," Nova said and ran off smiling.

"He said 'duty'," Pepper giggled and followed Nova.

The King scratched his beard and looked at his now giant obese daughter.

"Hema, my daughter," he sighed. "I'm putting you on a diet."

"But what about dess--" Hema began but was interrupted.

"No desserts young lady," The King warned her. "That big belly of yours must go," he added and left.

"So much for being a Princess..." Hema crossed his arms and did not even bother rubbing or patting her belly again.

:police: WARNING! :police:

The following story features expansion. For the safety of not liking expansion, please take a rain check by clicking on the "back" button. Youse have been warned.


Princess Hema forces Nova and Pepper to make her fifty lemon pies and lemon cakes out of a hundred each.

Enjoy! ^-^

Hema, Nova and Pepper(c) :iconnovaheroi:

Pic. fer this story will come soon so be patient plz. <:3
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ripjaws-girl21 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
It's cute, and the idea was interesting. The story seemed short though. There was absolutely no detail of her belly growth as she ate though. It's like, one minute she's skinny, then next she suddenly has a big belly.
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