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February 12
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Azure Lunithas is a curious Mothxie with sky blue hair wrapped up in a ponytail with amethyst purple eyes.

One day, Azure walked into a crystal cavern through a beautiful tunnel with crystals illuminating like stars in the night sky.

"This is a beautiful.... cavern," Azure said quietly with her amethyst eyes glittering from the crystals.

She explored around inside the crystal cavern more until she found a special berry hanging from a crystal berry tree. In order for her to pick berries, she took out her dual blade and flew up there by whirling it around like a helicopter and plucked one berry.

After picking the berry, she descended back down to the ground and examined the crystal berry sharply.

"What does this... berry taste... like?" She asked herself and gave it a try by throwing it into her mouth.

She chewed and swallowed as the crystal berry went down into her body. At first the berry tasted really good just like a blueberry.

"That's a good... berry," Azure said slurping her tongue.

Suddenly, her body began to expand making her huger and rounder. She became curious about why she is getting big. Perhaps the berry is filling her with a magical ingredient contained inside that berry she just ate.

"Why am I.... getting big?" Azure said watching herself grow bigger twice the size of a 9 ft. ball.

She grew much bigger that her blue panties began to show with a huge heavy round bottom.

"Did the power of the berry... do this?" Azure figured out the solution why she became huge in the first place.

She waddled her way out of the cavern which took about almost a long time to get out of there without harm.

"I must be the biggest... Mothxie girl there ever... is," Azure gave out a slight giggle and waddled on her way back home.

She would wonder how people back in her hometown would react to her new huge size given to her huge heavy rump. But that'll be another tale soon.
A short story about Azure Lunithas eating a berry and became a heavy Mothxie.

Pic. (c) :iconsilver-soldier:

Azure (c) :iconnovaheroi:
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